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Animal Law Overview

The law office of Christopher P. Cox, L.L.C. practices extensively in the area of animal protection law. Animal law is a rapidly growing area within the legal field. Numerous state and local bar associations have formed animal law committees, and more than 40 law schools, including Harvard and Yale, now offer some type of course on animal law.

Animal law is an all-encompassing term that includes various types of legal actions affecting the treatment, ownership, rights, or welfare of an animal or its human owner or guardian. Our office practices animal protection law in that we only represent clients whose goal it is to protect animals, not to mistreat, abuse, or neglect them. We do not represent those accused of exploiting animals.

Attorney Christopher Cox is extremely active in the animal protection field on a personal and professional level. He has served on numerous committees, and has held offices with, several animal protection and advocacy groups in the St. Louis area. He is a member of numerous national organizations dedicated to animal protection, and routinely speaks on animal law related issues.

Attorney Christopher Cox has successfully mixed his personal passion for animals with his legal skills, and excels in using the legal system to advance animal protection causes and assist those who fight to protect animals throughout the country. He regularly represents humane societies and animal shelters in their day-to-day functioning and legal matters, has authored several articles pertaining to animals and the law, is intimately familiar with the Missouri state laws governing animals, and routinely advises clients on the proper course of action to take under these laws. He has represented countless animal advocates in their quest to better the lives of all animals.

Attorney Christopher Cox handles all types of cases that impact, or are in any way related to animals, including the following:

Attorney Christopher Cox has been actively involved with animal protection issues from his early years of life, well before becoming an attorney. He has successfully carried those skills into the courtroom to be an extraordinary advocate for animals.

You're invited to contact our office to discuss your particular case, our experience in this area, and how we might be of assistance to you. We would be glad to speak with you on this interesting topic.

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For help or questions with any of your animal law needs, contact the Law Office of Christopher P. Cox, L.L.C. We accept credit cards and charge reasonable fees. To contact us, call 314.727.0163.

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